A slew of major plot development have been revealed for Warner Bros.’ upcoming “Green Lantern” film so consider this an early warning that major spoilers are up ahead.

The details involve some of the villains and upcoming villains to the sequel and may even give us a hint of what we can possibly expect in a Justice League movie. But before we get ahead of ourselves, the leaked details involves the character Krona, a time traveler who selfishly and mistakenly creates a “multiverse” AKA parallel universes.

According to CBM, Krona will play a major role in the plot twists to “Green Lantern” that parallels a popular “Green Lantern” story arc from the comic book series.

– Krona becomes the first “host” to Parallax, by way of the Yellow Power Battery. This takes place as a prologue of the film.

– Parallax doesn’t just feed off of fear, it rips the souls out of it’s victims; leaving dried “husks” of the corpses.

– Parallax/Krona attacks Abin Sur’s ship, which causes him to crash land on Earth and die.

– While performing an autopsy on the corpse of Abin Sur, Hector Hammond becomes infected by a fragment of Parallax which causes him to gain exponential telepathic and telekinetic powers.

– Hammond attacks Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris (whom he harbors feelings towards) at the Ferris airfield hanger, a similar scene to the one in the Green Lantern Secret Origins comic; the difference being that Hammond wants Hal’s Green Lantern ring.

– Hammond is ultimately killed by Parallax, who absorbs his soul in the manner mentioned above.

– Parallax fights Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris on Earth. The fight is unevenly matched until other members of the Green Lantern Corps arrive.

Source: CBM