I’m not sure why the world needs a Space Jam 2, but kids from the 90s are old enough for nostalgia to be a worthy investment from studios so I guess it’s happening. This time around LeBron James is leading the movie instead of Michael Jordan against an alien menace that may or may not be the same one as the original 1996. One thing is for sure. We now know that James will have an assist from Don Cheadle on his adventure.

The Avengers/ Iron Man Star is set to play an as of yet unnamed role in the film, but the good news is that we now know the movie will have a very talented actor in the mix. The original film relied on Bill Murray and Seinfeld/ Jurassic Park actor Wayne Knight. It will be interesting to see who else joins the cast from both the Hollywood and NBA sides of the aisle.

Space Jam 2 is being directed by Terence Nance and will be produced by Black Panther/ Creed director, Ryan Coogler.