Here’s a new poster for the should-be-straight-to-cable Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li. While it is significantly improved than the teaser poster we showed you a couple weeks back, it doesn’t change the fact that this movie will still be awful. Think I’m being too harsh? Okay, I guess to be fair I should point out things that I do like…

-I like how Bison doesn’t ever wear his trademark dictator cap.
-I like how Chun Li has no thigh and looks as frail as those girls from WB’s One Tree Hill.
-I like how Balrog is never wearing any boxing gloves but instead shoots a bazooka.
-I like how Vega looks just like Taboo from The Black Eyed Peas.
-I like how they completely omitted Sagat from this movie because he wears an eye patch. This is Street Fighter, not Pirates of the Caribbeans!
-And lastly, I like how Lui Kang from Mortal Kombat is in this movie.