An announcement for a new, live-action movie was made last month as a way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

MTV recently spoke with the film’s producer, Scott Mednick (300, Superman Returns), as he shared some details about the potential plot points of the new upcoming film and possible returning characters.

According to Mednick, the new film will definitely be a reboot, “I was part of the reboot of Superman, and a part of the reboot of Batman, and what happens after a certain amount of time — and certainly 25 years is a lot of time — is you’ve gone through multiple generations of fans.”

“What we want to do is service the story in a way that we have technology and ability that we didn’t have 25 years ago to say ‘here’s the story’ to the fans, and bring in a whole new generation of fans that can then start with us again.”

Story-wise, the new film will try to stick to its roots, based on the original source material written by Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman. However, changes will be made to make it more contemporary for the new generation.

“The audience today is very different than it was 25 years ago,” says Mednick.

“So it’s really trying to modulate the expectations of the fans today, the expectations of those kids and teenagers of today, the origins of the Turtles themselves and their world, and blend those together.”

When speaking about who’d return or show up, Mednick insists thats while there is no word on Baxter Stockman and the mousers, Shredder would most definitely return.

“Well, I won’t talk about what’s on or off the table, but what I will tell you is, if you go back to the origin story, you’ve got one of the great villains. I mean, Shredder is just one of the great villains for us to play with, and we are certainly expecting to bring the entire origin story — which could not be told without Shredder.”

The filming will consist of live-action/CGI hybrid, and while the TMNT film is still in early development stages, the bulk of the movie will most certainly be live-action according to Mednick. As an executive producer on “Where the Wild Things Are,” Mednick believes that it will be similar as the “creatures” are actually there.

“They’re in the scene, they’re not CGI’d in, they’re actually large creatures. I remember early discussions of actually having the creatures be in the scene — because you can tell if it’s there or if it’s CGI’d in — and giving credibility to the fact that the Wild Things are in these scenes.”

Mednick adds, “We have a similar issue in that we want the Turtles to be a part of that world. So we will use CGI effects where necessary, and we will use the best costume makers that we have now. You can look at anything from “Wild Things” and the Henson creature shop, to the guys who did “Hellboy,” and you can look at the expertise in technology we have now. It just wasn’t there 25 years ago, so we will hopefully utilize that”

Source: MTV Splash