The guys over at Latino Review came out with a big scoop late last night. It turns out that Loki won’t be the only major baddie tussling with the Avengers when the Joss Whedon directed flick hits screens next year.

We already know that Loki uses the cosmic cube to attract the help of the Skrulls, but it has now just been revealed that there is another major, Titan of a bad ass, who is set to join the fight.

That’s right, the big purple psycho who has a killer crush on death its self.

Word is that Loki will turn to him for help in destroying the Avengers.

So, what does this mean for the future of the series? It’s the Avengers, so you’d almost expect that the next movie might be more of a Hank Pym/ Ultron kind of thing. Now, this opens the door to bring in one of my favorite storylines from when I was growing up and an opportunity for Marvel to bring in every here they would ever want… that’s right, I’m talkin about the Infinity Gauntlet!

What do you think?