New details are emerging about WB’s troubled “Superman” project/reboot. And for the first time in awhile, we finally have some good news to report. David Goyer, who is heavily involved in Christopher and Jonathan Nolan’s other DC franchise (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight), has been announced as the writer for the next Superman film.

According to Latino Review, Goyer has extensive experience adapting comic book films and even wrote and directed “Blade: Trinity.” And while he won’t be directing the next Superman movie, we’re sure he’ll be put to good use penning the script.

While the movie is still in early development, it’s hinted that Goyer’s story will involve Lex Luthor and Brainiac.

Thomas Tull, Legendary Pictures’ Chairman adds, “It is NOT an origin and assumes audiences already know about Lois, Clark, Jimmy and Perry. I know the Daily Planet is struggling due to the internet. And I know it sets up a huge Kryptonian mythology.”

This is all very good news for Superman fans as the project finally moves a step closer to fruition and the film seems to be all about quality and control which bolds well not only for the Superman but the struggling franchise.

Source: Latino Review