Over the weekend at New York Comic-Con, Head of Marvel TV Jeph Loeb talked a bit about the upcoming Guillermo del Toro “Hulk” TV show that Marvel and ABC are planning to create. Some interesting tidbits include the news that the Marvel universe created by the films will be connected to the all new Marvel TV universe that they Disney and ABC are currently developing.

Furthermore, it was revealed that the Hulk that we all most recently saw in the trailer for “The Avengers” will be the same Hulk in the TV series.

“…Marvel will be pushing the technology to its limit. That apparently means that all the intensive CGI modeling and design work that is being done for the movie Hulk will be recycled for the TV version,” says Loeb.

Essentially, Marvel is planning on recycling the CGI and model in order to reduce cost and give fans the best quality show they can make. Personally I have no issues with this and would probably prefer that my Hulks look the same across the board. The one thing that I hated with the first two Hulk movies was the fact that they looked so different. To me, it just made no sense and does seem like a waste of production value, as the cost could have gone towards other things.

Moreover, while the Hulk series will be reusing the same Hulk design, actor Mark Ruffallo will not reprise his role as Bruce Banner for the TV series. Loeb reiterated the fact that the series is a different spin on the Hulk, as it will focus more on Banner and Betty Ross’s relationship and before he becomes a man on the run. It’ll be more of an origins story and they are aiming to cast a younger actor to play Bruce Banner.