Here is the first theatrical trailer for Bennett Miller’s “Moneyball,” an adaptation of a true story based on the novel written by Michael Lewis.

The film centers around “Billy Beane (Pitt) and Paul De Podesta (Hill), the GM and assistant GM that made the 2002 Oakland A’s a highly competitive Major League Baseball team (Beane took them to a AL West Division title) using a modern analytical sabermetrics system, despite having a completely budgeted, low-rent team that were initially the laughing stock of baseball early on in the season.”

Not to knock the film because I do want to see it having been an Oakland A’s fan, but at the end of the day the A’s didn’t and still haven’t won the World Series. Why would anyone want to make a film celebrating mediocrity? Especially since it didn’t amount to anything and was more than likely a fluke?

“Moneyball” is set to open up on September 23rd 2011 and stars Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Kathryn Morris, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Robin Wright.