It looks like the zombies are looking for more than brains in the world of “The Walking Dead”, now they are are trying to suck the money from Robert Kirkman’s Wallet. While most of us are preparing for the return of The Walking Dead this weekend, Tony Moore, the original artist who collaborated with Kirkman on Battle Pope, Brit, and the first several issues of The Walking Dead is preparing legal papers.

According to the suit, Moore is claiming that Kirkman “cheated him of his share in the rights to the material they created together, hasn’t properly compensated him and hasn’t allowed him access to financial data.”

Moore’s suit states that Kirkman and Moore were “joint authors and co-owners of the copyrights” of Walking Dead and their other collaborations, but Moore claims that “he was told in 2005 by Kirkman that a big TV deal was on the table but Kirkman would not be able to complete the deal unless [Moore] assigned all of his interest in the Walking Dead and other works to Kikman,” and that this was part of “a scheme to fraudulently induce him to assign his copyright interests over to Kirkman’s company.”

Moore did the interior art for the first & issues of The Walking Dead and then continued doing covers until issue 24.

Source: Comicsalliance