Fox has decided that we need to see more of the Osbournes, so get ready for the Osbournes Reloaded coming to fox sometime later this spring.

Their old show on MTV was an odd yet charming look into a family that was very close despite all the influences around them. The new show will be something a little different.

“The Osbournes”, are up to no good again in a variety-style show featuring skits, impersonations, audience games — and a liberal sprinkling of four-letter words.

There are even a pair of “mini-Osbournes” — (British) child actors who dress, behave and talk as outrageously as Ozzy and wife Sharon themselves.

“We are letting them go as far as they can. They are raunchy and funny and also a warm, real family.” Mike Darnell, president of alternative entertainment on the Fox network told reporters on Tuesday.

“It is family viewing. We might have a few old age pensioners being kissed, and stripping grandmas, but it is all good clean fun. There is nothing mean spirited about it.” Darnell said.

“Osbournes Reloaded” features Sharon, Ozzy and children Jack and Kelly in candid-camera style skits, occasional pie-throwing, the odd performance by Ozzy, and appearances by the likes of Pamela Anderson

Experts cite the show’s beginning as a potential harbinger of the apocalypse.