If they can do it with a hedgehog, why can’t they do it with a ball that eats balls? That seems to be the attitude at Bandai Namco Entertainment and Wayfarer studios where it has now been announced that the grand-daddy of video game mascots is about to get his own live-action movie.

Pac-Man first hit the world in 1980 and Pac-Man Fever spread faster than any pandemic in history. Over the years, Pac-Man and his family have had a slew of video games, several TV shows, toy lines, clothes, and even a breakfast cereal.

This new take on the little yellow pellet-eater actually comes from Chuck Williams at Lightbeam. He was partially responsible for bringing Sonic The Hedgehog to the big screen according to Deadline.

There are no details about the film, how it will look, or who will star in it.