Variety is reporting that several theaters in Texas pulled Paramount’s “Paranormal Activity 2” trailer attached to the midnight showing of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” after audience members complained that it was too scary.

We brought you an early look at the first teaser for Paramount’s “Paranormal Activity 2” a couple of days ago and while we agree that it was scary, nothing is really more horrifying than watching a film about a girl deciding between necrophilia or bestiality. So I don’t know what those audience members were complaining about.

In the wake of the complaints, Variety added that “Cinemark has told Paramount it could pull the trailer from more theaters should there be additional complaints.” Which really just sounds like a golden opportunity for free publicity, similar to the marketing campaign Paramount used for the first film last year. It was the scariest movie ever blah blah blah…

“Paranormal Activity 2” drops this Halloween month on October 22nd.

Source: Variety