Acclaimed British actor Patrick Stewart may not return to the “X-Men” film series.

During an appearance at an Australian “Star Trek” convention, the actor who portrayed Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men trilogy said that he wasn’t expected to be involved with director Bryan Singer’s upcoming “X-Men: First Class” and joked that Singer was going to hire eight-year-old actors for the film.

Stewart did mention, however, that playing Professor X pposite Ian McKellen as Magneto was “one of the best and most fun experiences” he ever had. Adding that it was “the best job in the world” and noted that “working with Ian [McKellen] again would be wonderful.”

Stewart’s remarks echo comments made by McKellen late last year regarding the proposed “X-Men Origins: Magneto” film.

“I think it would be about the younger Magneto, and the most I could hope for would be to top and tail that,” said McKellen. “They can’t have someone whose face is as lined as mine any longer!”

It already on record by Singer, that while both Xavier and Magento would return in “X-Men: First Class”, they would represent their younger selves and be played by younger men to emphasize their relationship during the early years.

Singer also indicated that “X-Men: First Class” might supersede the “Magneto” solo film.

Source: Mtv Splash