THR is reporting that Marc Webb has decided to stuff another bad guy into the next Spider-Man movie. We already knew that Electro will be the main bad guy and that Norman Osbourne will most likely make an appearance. Now there is word that Paul Giamatti is in talks to take on the roll of The Rhino.

This is weird for a couple of reasons. First, Paul Giamatti doesn’t have the body builder build that is needed to play the man who becomes the Rhino from the comic books. Also, it is just weird that they haven’t learned their lesson yet about over-stuffing a movie with bad guys.

They just introduced an alternate version of Rhino in the new Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. In this version, Rhino is a super-smart geek student at the same school as Parker. When Parker turns down his Oscorp internship so he can work with SHIELD, this guy finds the rhino formula and injects himself with it so he can kick Flash Thompson’s ass for bullying him.

Source: Latino Review