In what is the most surprising and saddest news this morning, Peter Berg’s “Battleship” will not be in 3D. Considering every movie being made in the foreseeable future is being adapted for 3D, this comes as a huge surprise.

MTV Movies Blog reports that Universal and Berg have decided not to shoot the film in 3D, and do it the old fashion way via good storytelling. Using lost arts such as “compelling characters,” “dramatic tension,” and “exhilarating set pieces.” Collider adds however, that while they are not planning to shoot it in 3D, it doesn’t rule out the possibility that it won’t be converted to 3D in post-production.

Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner had to say regarding the decision to keep “Battleship” 2D:

“I think it’s a really unique story and unlike a lot of those other alien stories this is really not about aliens that came here to do us harm,” producer and Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner told MTV News. “So I think you’ll find the story really interesting in that it doesn’t begin as a fight.”

“Battleship” isn’t expected to hit theaters until May 25, 2012. By then, it’s almost safe to say it will be the only movie not in 3D.

Source: Collider