After the untimely death of actress Brittany Murphy, DVD rental companies have been scrambling to remove a movie poster for the actress’ new film, “Deadline.”

“Deadline”, a psychological thriller, was released in the United States on December 1st and is available on DVD. The poster and promotional material shows a lifeless Murphy lying naked in a bathtub.

The film stars Brittany Murphy as Alice, an artist who rents a spooky Victorian house in which to finish writing a screenplay. Shortly after her arrival, she begins hallucinating and envisioning things about the house’s past occupants.

RedBox, the standalone video rental kiosks, have been removing the image from 19,00 kiosks across the country and believe it will take 7-10 days to complete the process. The company also released the follow statement:

“Redbox feels removing the ‘Deadline’ box art is the appropriate course of action following the star’s recent death. We will continue to carry her film, but will remove the film’s box art from our displays.”