Now that we are staring down the barrel of the Mid Season finale of The Walking Dead, I feel completely comfortable in saying that my earlier concerns about the show turning to crap were completely unfounded. This season has been stellar and the only thing that upsets me is that after this week, we’ll have to wait until next year for more of it.

Last night’s episode was all about building the characters in the story. Secrets are coming out and Hershel knows that at least some people at the camp know about the barn. As big as the moment between Lori and Rick was, it wasn’t the biggest in the episode. That award goes to Andrea. No, not for her roadside hijynx, but for her awakening in the face of a swarm of walkers.

We all know that the survivors are close to wearing out their welcome at Hershel’s farm. This dramatic clip from next week’s episode shows Rick and Hershel talking it over one last time.

Also, here’s the official description (short as it is) for next week’s episode:

Hershel sets a deadline. All secrets are out in the open. Glenn stands up for himself and Shane takes charge.