Prometheus is one of those rare movies that both excites and confounds people. It started as a prequel to the Alien movies and turned into something that is entirely different… and yet still a prequel to the Alien movies.

We’ve seen very little from the movie that stars Michael Fassbender, is written by Damon Lindelof and is being directed by Ridley Scott, but now things are starting to move. With all the footage and pics leaked from movies this summer, you didn’t think that ‘Prometheus’ would get away with anything, did you?

What we’ve got here are some nice pics of some of the futuristic vehicles that will be used (including one monster looking exo-suit) and a picture of one of the alien tunnels that is currently being constructed.

The movie doesn’t come out until 2012, but I’ve got a feeling that we’ll start seeing a lot more in the way of leaked pics in coming weeks.

**Update: Images have been removed due to request from 20th Century Fox.

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Source: Alienprequelnews