When…and if, Sin City 2 is finally made, it looks like it is going to have a pretty stellar script, at least that is the assumption based off the new screenwriter’s resume. William Monahan has just been brought in to write the screenplay for the long awaited sequel. There’s no word on what the storyline will be, but many fans have fingers crossed that it will be based on ‘A Dame To Kill For’.

Monahan picked up an Oscar for his script, “The Departed”, which starred Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon and was directed by Martin Scorsese. He also scripted ‘Oblivion’, which will star Tom Cruise along side either: Olivia Wilde, Naomi Ripace or Jessica Chastain, and will be directed by Tron helm, Joe Kosinski.

Here’s what THR had to say:
“Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller are bringing in some Oscar-winning firepower to help shape the script for Sin City 2, the sequel to their 2005 hit graphic novel adaptation.

William Monahan, who won the Oscar for best adapted screenplay for 2006’s The Departed, has been hired to work on the script, according to sources, supplementing a draft completed recently by Miller.”

Source: thr