The Phantom is one of the longest enduring superheroes in pop culture. While he’s been relegated to second class citizenship in the US through things like Billy Zane movies and the old cartoon, Guardians of The Galaxy, The Phantom is respected and a major hit worldwide.

His international appeal might be why Sci Fi… or as its soon to be called, SYFY, is getting ready to push out a four hour TV movie that will air next year.

So who will be the Phantom? I’ve never heard of the guy, but his name is Ryan Carnes and he’s best known for his work on Desperate Housewives.

If you can’t wait till next year to get your fix of The Phantom, Check out The FX Show in Orlando this April 17th-19th. They will be featuring one super sweet Phantom exclusive with The Phantom on his Throne! See it out over at