Yesterday’s news about the passing of Gene Wilder was sad. It was at least good to hear that despite passing from complications of Alzheimer’s, he never lost the ability to recognize loved ones and never lost his personality.

A lot of people have been posting clips of Wilder in action (us included), but he was never really known as someone who sat down for interviews very often. This interview was from late 2013, and might be one of the last he ever gave. In it, he sites down with TCM’s Robert Osborne and talks about everything from what the world has wrong about him, to his feelings on working with Richard Pryor, and even how he felt about Tim Burton’s Willy Wonka remake. Honestly, I was pretty happy to hear that he seemed to hate it as much as the rest of us.

Parts of the interview can be a little hard to watch. He’s definitely slower than you may remember him, and his memory is starting to slip, but it’s still a great interview and worth checking out.