After months of searching for the right Peter Parker, “Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark” has found it’s Spider-Man in Reeve Carney.

Who? Exactly.

Carney, 26, is the lead singer of a rock baned called Carney and has appeared in “Snow Falling On Cedars” as well as “The Tempest” Julie Taymor’s movie adaptation of William Shakespeare’s play.

Taymor, will also be the director of the overtly ambitious Spider-Man musical, which boasts lyrics and music written by Bono and The Edge.

in regards to Carney they had this to say: “Our ambition was to find a Peter Parker who could really act and sing, but who still brings a kind of performance that could be new to Broadway audiences. We wanted something a little more authentically rock and roll. Reeve is everything we could have hoped for: an amazing voice and a truly charismatic presence.”

With Spider-Man now “discovered,” Spider-Man the musical may finally be on its way after having been delayed and rumored to be around the $40 million mark.

Michael Cohl is set to producer while previously-announced cast members Evan Rachel Wood (as Mary-Jane Watson) and Alan Cumming (as Norman Osborn/The Green Goblin) remain on board.

While no start date is listed, Spider-Man the musical is expected to hit sometime in 2010. Pretty vague if you ask us.

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