Let’s face it, the recent Predator sequel/reboot from Shane Black did not go over as planned. With a 32% on Rottentomatoes and an anemic $160 million in the global box office, there is no sequel on the way. In fact, now that Disney owns the franchise (they were part of the FOX buyout), it looks like they may be starting from scratch.

In a new report from the people who had previously landed news of the Live-Action Aladdin sequel, and the reported planned reboot of the Alien Franchise, we are now hearing that Disney is eyeing The Predator for the reboot treatment as well.

If you are worried that means we’ll be getting a Disneyfied version of the Predator in a new film, you can rest easy. Bob Iger has already said that he has no interest in watering down proven franchises aimed at fans who prefer grittier films. Meanwhile, the sources behind the report say that new Predator films will respect the movies that came before. Whether that means we are looking at a complete do-over or a movie like Terminator: Dark Fate, that just retcons the canon they don’t like and keeps the fan favorite material, time will tell. However, given that Shane Black’s The Predator just bombed in theaters in 2018, don’t expect to see the intergalactic game hunter on the big screen any time soon. Time needs to heal some wounds on this one before they try to win fans over again.

Source: Wegotthiscovered