We were tipped off last week saying that Ryan Reynolds wouldn’t be wearing the traditional green domino mask most of the time throughout the film while in costume. According our source, it was said that part of it was due to the costume being made up in CG and that WB are expecting him to costume up via CG, so the mask will come and go, especially during close up shots. And that we should expect to see Hal maskless most of the time even when he’s suited up.

Although we couldn’t confirm this at the time and still can’t, we’re going to throw it out there now because /Film has since half verified it with their recent report that the Green Lantern suit will be almost entirely CG.

“The suit Ryan wears on set is a gray tracking motion/performance capture suit with LED lights,” reports /Film who adds that this is due to the costume being “a manifestation of [Reynolds’ character, Hal Jordan’s] power.”

So what does this mean exactly? For starters, it probably means we won’t get our official look at the new costume until the final design rendition is completed. Second, if there’s any truth to the reports that Hal will appear maskless most of the time, I suppose it’ll be done with several factors in mind:

One, Reynolds was cast for obvious reasons, to draw a women audience. If WB’s smart, they wouldn’t want to cover up his face, especially with a possibly dorky mask. And two, we’ve seen it happen in a lot of other superhero films where the hero is unmasked so it’s not anything too radical (IE: Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Batman)

Source: /Film