Solo: A Star Wars Story wasn’t a bad movie. It was the best movie it could have been, given the circumstances that surrounded it. As far as its box office take, that can be summed up in a perfect storm of garbage. It was a Star Wars movie that most Star Wars fans weren’t excited about. It was being released too soon after a film that saw the most divisive fan reaction of any film in the franchise to date, and it came out too close to Infinity War and Deadpool 2. Interestingly, it is looking like Disney may not have learned their lessons from the film.

Rian Johnson is either the man that has revitalized or killed Star Wars, depending on who you ask. After his turn on Star Wars: The Last Jedi, he was offered the chance to create his own, non-Skywalker related trilogy and he jumped at it. Now, word is coming down that the first film in that trailer could be coming as soon as May of 2020. That would mean that the film is coming out just 5 months after the release of Star Wars Episode IX. This combined with the fact that there’s a good portion of Star Wars fans who are still pissed at Johnson about his decisions for Episode XIII and that we’ll be looking at the first Star Wars film with no ties at all to the first trilogy (Solo was about Han Solo, and Rogue One was about the lead up to A New Hope) we could be looking at the second storm of box office badness.

Personally, I’m all for seeing what Johnson can do with the world of Star Wars beyond the Skywalkers and I’m hoping that Disney doesn’t make him tie it to an animated property, the Disney Theme Park planet, or the upcoming post-Order 66 video game. There’s an entire universe where he can play. Let’s just hope that Disney and Lucasfilm give fans and the franchise enough time to breathe before rolling it out.

Source: CBM