MCU Cosmic, the same site that broke the story that Marvel was looking at releasing an Eternals film, is now reporting that the studio is looking into the possibility of a Hawkeye spin-off film. What’s more, there’s a possibility that we could be getting a new version of the character. If Clint is in the film, there’s a solid chance that we’ll be seeing him as Ronin (It looks like his Ronin alter-ego will also feature heavily into Avengers Infinity War 2). That said, there’s a pretty good chance that Jeremy Renner could be vacating the role after Avengers 4 and they could be rebooting the character with the Kate Bishop version of the character.

We think this rumor needs a heavy grain of salt. Hawkeye has never really been the most popular character in the franchise. If anything, we could see him being part of a team-up film with Black Widow in her film, on the same level that Thor and Hulk shared the screen in Thor: Ragnarok.