Variety is reporting that Ridley Scott is picking up the directing duties on the long awaited film adaptation of Aldus Huxley’s Brave New World. His work on dark futuristic films like Blade Runner make him perfect for the gig.

When he hops behind the camera, he’ll be working from a script penned by Farad Safinia, who also scripted Mel Gibson’s “Apocalypto.” What’s more, he’ll be directing co-producer and star of the film Leonardo DiCaprio who is currently considering the film as a starring vehicle for himself.

This isn’t the first time Brave New World has been filmed. In 1998, it actually aired as a TV movie starring Leonard Nimoy and Peter Gallagher. This however, will be the first time you can see it on the big screen.

Huxley sets his book in a seemingly perfect 26th century world that has achieved harmony by tightly controlling birth, which takes place mainly in laboratories, and outlawing family. The world is populated by a series of five castes, each with its own defined roles.

Wor Characters who figure in are Bernard, a lower-caste member, and Lenina, the woman with whom he is infatuated. DiCaprio is would likely play Bernard, who is persecuted when the leaders of the society find his behavior antisocial.