Ron Perlman who is making press rounds for his upcoming film “Season of the Witch,” went into detail about the hypothetical plot details for “Hellboy 3” and what’s currently being discussed as potential for a third installment of Dark Horse and Mike Mignola’s Hellboy.

Here’s what Perlman had to say:

“The only thing I can share with you is we have this demon who is a victim of this Oracle, which is not negotiable. He’s been summoned to the Earth for the destruction of mankind, and that’s non-negotiable. This whole notion that his nature, is the demon of destruction — against the way he’s been nurtured by his father, John Hurt’s character, to be kind and in the service of mankind. Those things are going to be in play in the third one. Then of course you have Liz pregnant with twins at the end of the second film. So you don’t know what those two offspring are going to be? Are they going to be more human? Are they going to be more demon? Are they going to be a combination of the two? And how is that going to play out, in terms of Hellboy’s destiny. Which I say again is non-negotiable. So that’s the backdrop for the third film. And everything will be resolved, all these open-ended questions will finally be resolved. I don’t know how, he didn’t give me those details. But that’s the backdrop for it.”

While this is all completely hypothetical, it sounds fantastic (minus the pregnant Liz) and being a huge Hellboy fan, I can only hope that this would come to fruition. A third installment of Hellboy must happen, otherwise it’d be criminal.

Source: io9