“Hellboy” and “Sons of Anarchy” star Ron Perlman has been signed to replaced Mickey Rourke as Corin according to New York Magazine.

Just last month, “Iron Man 2” actor Mickey Rourke was reportedly in talks to appear in Marcus Nispel’s upcoming “Conan” reboot as Corin — Conan’s father. Rourke has since dropped out to appear in the film “War of the Gods.”

Interesting enough, Perlman has provided the voice of Conan in the “Conan” video game and the upcoming direct-to-DVD animated film, “Conan: Red Nails.”

Perlman will join a cast that includes Rachel Nichols, Bob Sapp, Stephen Lang (Avatar) and relatively new actor, Jason Momoa in the title role as Conan.

“Conan” is expected to begin filming later this month and won’t be released until 2011.

Source: MTV Splash