There is a big fat rumor running around that ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and Christopher Nolan may be appearing at this year’s SDCC. Last year, Spielberg appeared and had a screening of ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ that drew a huge crowd, this year, it looks like that might be happening with the new Batman film.

Here’s what one studio source told Best Ever Movie News.

“Warner Bros was hoping that Chris would take advantage of Comic Con 2012 since he’s never been so it looks like they’ll be a panel with Chris, Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway. We’re not sure about Christian Bale, but since this is the final Batman movie for them, I can’t imagine him not attending…but you know how Christian can be.” Another added, “Chris [Nolan] would love to keep it a surprise appearance, but in this day and age, it’s pretty impossible.”

Source: bestmovienews