O’m little late on news today, but this is still a big fat spoiler for you if you haven’t seen the season finale of ‘The Walking Dead,’ you’d best be clicking out of this post right now….

Holy crap… how amazing was that? The season finale of The Walking Dead was everything they promised and more! The barn is gone, the herd has thinned the flock of survivors, Rick has become a super badass… and now, MICHONNE! Sure, they didn’t call her that by name, but she was there and it is official. We already know that next season will probably play out the entire Governor storyline. That means that there’s a good chance Lori will get her comeuppance. What really excites me is how they are going to bring Michonne and Andrea back into the fold.

Our only glance at her this episode was a quick shot of her saving Andrea’s life by decapitating a zombie. Just like in the comic, she had two zombies in tow – sans jaws and arms.

So, who is the woman playing Michonne? According to Deadline Hollywood, she’s Danai Gurira. You might know here from the film, ‘Treme.’

With her and David Morrissey (The Governor), it looks like next fall is going to be full of fireworks.

Source: Deadline