In a recent interview with Bad Libraianship, the author of “Spider-Man: Fever” said that a Pixar produced Dr. Strange movie is actually something getting kicked around Disney.

I was over in Hollywood earlier this year mooching about, and I had a meeting at Disney and the conversation drifted around to Pixar animating a Dr. Strange movie… Now, wouldn’t that be nice?

While this is not a confirmation of any sort, it is a sign of wishful thinking and a small, small possibility! Or at least the notion that Disney is open to the idea.

Last month we wrote about another Dr. Strange rumor. One that involved the actor Adrien Brody (Predators, Splice, King Kong) front lining the role of becoming Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme. Honestly, I can’t help but think how cool it’d be if both these rumors came true. Pipe dreams I know…

Source: badlibrarianship