We’ve known for a while now that Disney exec weren’t happy with Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s work- on the upcoming Star Wars Han Solo movie. After all, their firing was rather unceremonious, along with their replacement by Ron Howard. Now, word is out that Howard wasn’t able to just shoot around the work the previous directors had done, but instead had to actually reshoot pretty much the entire film. This pretty much blows Joss Whedon’s $25 million dollar fix on Justice League out of the water. While we don’t have a concrete number on the original production costs for the film, Howard’s reshoots are said to have nearly doubled the cost. This puts Disney in a precarious position as they now have a lot more ground to make up before they can call the new film a success. Unfortunately for them, this is possibly the least anticipated Star Wars film to get released since The Battle of Endor… and that was just a TV special.

We’ve yet to really see anything from the film, but there’s a chance that a first trailer could pop up alongside December’s release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Source: CBM