If the rumors are true, Tom Hiddleston fans who were excited about seeing him on Disney + as the star of a Loki TV series might be very disappointed. If the rumors from The Hashtag show are to be believed, it looks like Tom Hiddleston will be on-hand to narrate stories about Loki’s early life as the God of Mischief. It could be that Disney is pulling from the Kid Loki stories that hit comics a few years back, but it’s going to be several months before we have confirmation of whether or not the rumor is true.

Personally, I don’t think it is. The appeal of Loki to fans of the MCU is tied almost entirely to Hiddleston’s performance as the character. Bringing in a younger actor and relegating the main attraction to voice-overs sounds like the kind of risk that the studio isn’t going to want to take with one of the most talked about series on their upcoming streaming platform.