The folks over at Latino Review seem to have a special talent for finding out about what is going to happen in the movies before anyone else and it looks like they might have just found out what the plot will be for Iron Man 3.

Nanobots, people!

– Nanobots that make villains

– Nanobots that can also make Tony Stark more than a man in a suit.

– Which is an idea planted in Tony Stark’s head by Captain America in THE AVENGERS because Avengers leads directly into Iron Man 3.

– Production on Iron Man 3 starts in May.

This sounds a lot like the Extremis storyline that was such a big part of the Iron Man comic book in the last couple of years. I’m pretty excited if this is the case, because that’s the story that actually got me back into Iron Man.

To give you a basic idea of what Extremis is, for those of you who don’t read the comic book… Extremis is a nanobot technology that Tony Stark implants into his own body. This puts the suit inside him and uypgrades every aspect of his body and mind in the process.

Source: Latino Review