Ohmigod! Holy crap that was intense. If you didn’t see last night’s The Walking Dead, please commence beating yourself about the face and head because you missed a doozy! Just in case, I won’t say who bit the dust in the episode, but it wasn’t Carl. The final images of the episode clue us into a mighty big conflict next weeks and fans are already abuzz about how Rick, Dale, Hershel , Maggie, Andrea and the rest are going to handle it.

Also, what do you all thing of Lori at this point? Is it just me or is she Iago with boobs? No, I’m not talking about the parrot.

Here is the preview for next week’s Season Finale:

Unlike previous weeks, there is only one clip that will be released for the season finale. Don’t worry though, it is still awesome enough to make you poop yourself!