The last three attempts to bring the Fantastic Four to the big screen have been less than stellar. Now, we’ve got the new iteration on the way from Josh Trank. I like the director, I like most of the cast, but the early synopsis makes it look like too much of a departure from the source material to make anyone with a love of the first family of super heroes happy.

Now, a Redditor has been been talking about the movie and what he has to say is getting the attention of several reputable sites.

His original posts have been pulled, but they’ve popped back up on IMDB. Here are some of the highlights. Spoilers ahead!

In regards to the race change for Johnny Storm/ The Human Torch who is now being played by Michael B Jordan:
“It manages to keep the basis of the characters despite the race change for Johnny and the uh… original love story between two of the characters (I won’t mention who).”

Regarding Doctor Doom:
“He’s an internet blogger and a programmer who works for Dr. Storm at the Baxter Institute. However, after he gets his powers he becomes closer to the classic 616 Doom in personality. There are many hints towards him becoming ruler of Latveria in the future.”

***This makes me sad. They’ve turned Doctor Doom into an evil nerd.

On the role of the Negative Zone in the film:
“The first half of the second act and the final battle. I’d guess around 30 minutes in total is spent in the Negative Zone (referred to as Dimension N in the movie itself).”

What do you think? Is this enough to make you excited for the movie or not want to see it at all?

Source: Collider