The Wrap is reporting that Warner Bros is currently developing a Blue Beetle movie for the DCEU. The film is rumored to be based around the Jaime Reyes version of the character that was first introduced in 2006’s Infinite Crisis.

While there’s no confirmation on whether this movie is actually happening, it would be a smart move. By bringing in this version of the character (instead of Ted Kord or Dan Garret), it gives the DCEU their version of a Spider-Man. It looks like they were hoping to fill that role with the Flash’s Ezra Miller, but there are a lot of fans who didn’t particularly take to his version of Barry Allen. It could also be one of the main reasons that the Flash solo movie has been pushed back as much as it has. Aside from that, it would also give the DCEU their very own Latino superhero that can appeal to younger audiences.

Source: Thewrap