It’s going to be a while before we get another Avengers film, but there’s a new rumor about one character who may be joining the team when they do come back sometime in Phase 5. We’re talking about Wolverine aka Logan aka James Howlett. Sources went on to say that the mutant who was previously portrayed by Hugh Jackman in several films for FOX would join veteran Avengers Thor and Scarlet Witch along with several other new and returning characters.

If this is true, the question then remains as to how they’ll introduce Wolverine. Will he be introduced as part of the X-Men and then join the Avengers on the side, or will they use his introduction as an Avenger as a way to introduce the X-Men? Then there’s the question of who will play Wolverine. There has been a lot of buzz around Kingsman/ Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance star Taron Eggerton taking on the role, but he has come out in social media to say that he doesn’t think there’s any realistic chance of that happening.

SOurce: Guardian