They made movie magic together in ‘The Proposal’, are now known as close friends and rumored to be more, but now Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock are starting a brand new Hollywood adventure… An animated series.

This week, Reynolds launched his own TV company, Darkfire. He and his partner, Allan Loeb, have already been able to get a commitment from FOX on a pilot for a new sitcom starring Tyler Labine (If you don’t know the name by now, netflix the CW series Reaper or the movie ‘Tucker and Dale vs Evil’). Now they’ve been given a presentation order for a cartoon. Reynolds and Loeb will co-write the script, Reynolds also voice a character on the show and Bullock will most likely join as an executive producer and the voice of the female lead.

At the moment, the show is called “And Then There Was Gordon”. Here’s Deadline’s description of the project:

And Then There Was Gordon centers on an ordinary child surrounded by his prodigy siblings and brilliant, but neurotic mother.

If you are concerned that this sounds like Jonah Hill’s new FOX animated series, ‘Allen Gregory’, it is actually the complete opposite. In that show, one prodigy is surrounded by regular kids. See… its totally different… like opposite day different.

Source: Deadline