I’ve always liked Ryan Reynolds, going back to the days of Two Guys, A Girl, and A Pizza Place. That said, while his choices in roles has been interesting, it has led him into some really bad movies. Because of this, people miss out some of his small, but good movies like The Nines, Buried, and Actually Maybe.

Thankfully, it looks like Reynolds is back in full force with the new super dark comedy, The Voices. In the film, Reynolds not only plays the main character, Jerry, but also the voices of his cat and dog, both of whom talk to him. The cat, Mr. Whiskers tells him to kill people, while his dog Bosco serves as the voice of reason. All that and we’ve even got Anna Kendrick in as the love interest. I’m definitely interested.

THE VOICES is a genre-bending film which centers around Jerry, a lovable but disturbed factory worker who yearns for the attention of a woman in accounting. When their relationship takes a sudden turn, we follow Jerry’s perspective as his talking pets, a sinister cat and benevolent dog, lead him down a fantastical, murderous path.