Captain Marvel is now in theaters and critics seem to agree that the film is a serviceable addition to the MCU. As spoilers about the film, its big twists, and how it connects to Avengers: Endgame start to hit the net, one member of the cast is now admitting that he might have made a mistake in an attempt to jokingly troll the audience.

Many months ago, Samuel L. Jackson told reporters, while talking about how powerful Captain Marvel really is, that she can travel through time. As this is not a power that Captain Marvel has ever had in the comic books, and there seems to be some aspect of time travel in play for Endgame, many fans were more than a little annoyed. It seemingly took away any of the stakes of the upcoming film and also piled on Kevin Feige’s earlier comments about Carol Danvers being the most powerful character in the MCU to bolster a ‘Mary Sue’ backlash by some fans.

Regardless of whether or not you’ve seen Captain Marvel, this is not a spoiler, because it’s not true. In a new interview, Jackson is owning up to his previous words:

“I made stuff up,” he confessed. “I said she could time travel one time. It just jacked everybody up.”

While the news that Captain Marvel cannot time travel is great to hear, it’s more than a little irksome that a main cast member of the MCU would spread a rumor that seems like it only serves to alienate fans. It’s something I hope they are more careful about in the future, especially as some fans are now looking for any clue they can find to prove Marvel is only looking to cater to one type of fan or the other.

Source: CBM