Don’t confuse this with the reboot, this is something entirely different and it is a good thing that it has been killed.

Deadline is reporting that a California federal court awarded Sam Raimi’s Renaissance Pictures a default judgment last week in its attempt to stop Awards Pictures from making an Evil Dead 4. The judgement has permanently banned Awards Pictures, the company trying to make another Evil Dead Sequel from ever using or mentioning any of the following terms in any form of entertainment or media:
Evil Dead
Evil Dead: Genesis of the Necronomicon
Evil Dead: Genesis of the Necronomicon, Part 2
Evil Dead: Consequences

The court case stemmed from Awards films suing Raimi and Bruce Campbell’s Renaissance Films for copywrite infringement back in early May because they wanted to make a sequel and they claimed that Raimi had abandoned the trademark when stated in 2000 that Renaissance would never do another Evil Dead sequel.

The win was partially luck for Raimi. It was a default judgement because Awards never responded to the May court filings.

Source: Deadline