In a recent interview with Moviefone, actor Sam Worthington issues a public apology to “Clash of the Titans” fans who were disappointed with the remake and promising to deliver with the sequel in “Wrath of the Titans.” Here’s what he had to say:

“I think the first one, we kind of let down some people. And yeah, I totally agree. The only point of doing a sequel is either the audience demands it or you believe you can better the first one. What we’re setting out to do with this one — the writers and the director and myself — is improve. I think I can act f**king better, to be honest … Just take all the notes from people that I have been reading about on the ‘net and give them a movie they f**king want. This one I want to kind of try to satisfy a lot more people.”

Additionally, Worthington adds how he believes you “make movies for an audience.” So the last thing he wants is to disappoint anyone. This new change in attitude from those within the industry is refreshing (First Michael Bay and now Worthington). It gives us hope knowing that the people behind these films really do care about their art. Now whether they really mean what they say and improve is different beast all together. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Or does that just mean we’ll get sucked into watching another horrible film?

Source: Moviefone