LeVar Burton’s beloved childhood classic “Reading Rainbow” which first aired in the ’80s on the PBS television network has closed its final chapter today after 26 long years. The reason? Contract expiration cumulating with the apparent lack of funds.

What’s great about “Reading Rainbow” wasn’t even the fact that it encouraged kids to read the ancient thing called books, but the fantastic adventures LeVar would take the audiences on. “Reading Rainbow” was essentially a show that was both entertaining and educational, and that was rare at least back in the days. I look all the new shows on Discover, FoodTV, and The Travel channel now and can’t help but think that “Reading Rainbow” had some part in shaping and inspiring those shows today.

Although “Reading Rainbow,” which won 26 Emmys, stopped production in 2006, it was still licensed to run on PBS until Friday, August 28.

R.I.P. “Reading Rainbow.” A generation will miss you greatly. Thank you for all the good times.

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