There’s been talk of a Black Widow movie for so long that a lot of people were starting to doubt that the first big female Avenger in the MCU was ever going to get her own solo outing. Well, if there’s one thing that makes the wheels move forward in Hollywood it’s money, and now we know how much Disney is shelling out to bring Scarlett Johansson back for the film.

THR is reporting that Johansson is being paid $15,000,000 to star in The Black Widow. For those of you who are wondering how that stacks up to her male counterparts, here goes: Robert Downey Jr made $500,000 for Iron Man, but now has worked his way up to $50,000,000. Meanwhile, Fifteen million is actually the same amount that both Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth made for Captain America: Civil War and Thor: Ragnarok. For his part, Chadwick Boseman pocketed $2 million for Black Panther, but that was only his second film in the franchise. He’s slated for a big pay bump for the sequel.

The only other female with her own film on the slate in the MCU is Brie Larson with Captain Marvel. She made $5 million for the upcoming film, but she is set to cash in on a much bigger payday that will keep her busy for the next several years. We’ll have more about that in our next post.