Dexter is quite possibly the biggest hit that Showtime has ever seen. the show, starring Michael C. Hall, John Lithgow and Julie benz has attracted a huge audience of people who love watching just what can happen when a serial killer starts using us powers for good… kinda.

Well, fans at the Dexter Panel at Comic con got a great big treat today. Not only did they get to talk to all the cast members about the upcoming season four, but they found out that Showtime will be airing a prequel (of sorts) to the series.

Here’s what’s going to happen. For the last three seasons we got a to see what Dexter is doing now, but we haven’t gotten to see enough of his early, dirtier years. That’s why Showtime is getting ready to air 12 animated webisodes online. The series, which will be called, “earl cuts” will delve into how dexter got good at exactly what it is that he does. Michael C. Hall will be doing the voices and the series should air online this fall.