On the last day of Comic-Con after a grueling five day marathon at SDCC 09, Smallville held it’s panel and for the first time ever, Tom Welling (Clark Kent) made an appearance. Joining him included other cast members, Allison Mack (Chloe), Erica Durance (Lois), Cassidy Freeman (Tess), Justin Hartley (Oliver Queen) and new comer Callum Blue (General Zod!).

The audience were shown a clip of various upcoming scenes as well as one of Clark Kent standing tall on top of a building wearing a big “S” on his chest. While he wasn’t exactly in his classic blue and red costume, he sported a darker prototype suit with a black cape. More about the suit will be revealed in the season premiere.

Both Welling and Mack announced that they will directing some upcoming episodes in season nine. Comic book write Geoff Johns will be writing another episode featuring the Justice Society of America. Clark and Lois’ relation may or may not happen. But something will definitely happen.

Overall, not a lot of new information was revealed and fans who are dying to know will just have to watch the new season nine on CW.