Spike Jonze’s much anticipated “Where The Wild Things Are” held its panel today in Day 2 of Comic-Con.
Jonze was unable to attend but appeared in a short video with Maurice Sendak speaking about adapting the classic children’s book into a full fledge movie. Sendaks believes that the result may be controversial, but that “It feels dangerous, in a great way.” Sendaks had complete faith in Jonzes and admits that many film makers have approached him but no one has won him over other than Jonzes.

Three extended clips were shown:

First clip shows Carol giving max a tour of monster island. Carol tells max that he is the king of this world and that “Everything you see is yours. Except that hole – that’s Iris’. But everything else is yours. Except for that rock – that’s not yours. And that stick.” It is a funny clip and really brings the audience into this surreal world.

The second clip features a group of Wild Things dog piling on top of Max. One of the Wild Things asks Max if he had ate his family. Later Max falls asleep with the Wild Things all huddled up for warmth.

In the final clip, the Wild Things are knocking down trees and uprooting rocks tryign to build their new king his castle. It’s a great clip showing off some of the best CGI/live action that I’ve ever seen!