On day three of SDCC, fans got the chance to see the trailer from Patrick Lussier’s “Drive Angry 3D” staring Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard and William Fichtner, who were all present to meet fans. According to Lussier, the visual effects were started only three weeks ago and what was shown was a SDCC exclusive… in awesome 3D.

It’s hard to describe the trailer because it had so many cut scenes (watch the SDCC trailer below). But what isn’t hard to describe is the 3D. Shot in 3D, “Drive Angry 3D” looked fantastic! We’re introduced to a bad ass Cage who somehow managed to obtain the God-Killer gun and is out for revenge after her daughter was murdered. The trailer had it all. Explosions, gun fire, car chases, Cage in his ’69 Charger, Heard looking bad-ass and sexy as hell and a cool slow mow of Fichtner dodging a bullet aimed at his head.

Lussier also added that one of the most challenging things was adapting the 3D to the car chase scenes which moved 60 mph.

The film was in large part inspired by “Vanishing Point” and the concept of a 70’s anti-hero action hero. Interestingly enough, the title came from a line said by Bill Murray’s charter in the film “Groundhogs Day” – “Don’t drive angry.”

“We actually took the title from that, we thought it was a great title,” said Lussier.

For Cage, making “Drive Angry 3D” was a chance for him to do something similar to a 70s movie which he says he loves. And to work with Lussier and to see it come to life in third dimension was just icing on the cake. Plus as an eclectic individual, he enjoys pushing the boundaries with film acting. “At this point in my career, I think I’ve stumbled onto the concept that if I can play characters with some supernatural elements to them, it opens up my options,” says Cage.